Beyond Computer Repair

Computer repair and support seems to be the primary driving need of our clients. Constant problems, software and systems that are not working, continue to drag on their company’s performance.  We all know that as long as machines exist they will need to be serviced, repaired, upgraded and supported, but there are other alternatives to waiting for something to break and having the computer repair technician out to fix your system. A proactive computer maintenance program will limit your computer repair bills to addressing only break issues, and may help you preempt issues like hard disk drive failure.

By implementing a proactive management approach to your businesses computer and network systems you can get a head of the curve when it comes to computer issues affecting your business productivity. A proactive approach is much like regular scheduled maintenance with a vehicle. The idea is to perform preventative care to reduce the amount of repair that is necessary for your computer and business systems by keeping them running optimally.

Computer optimization not only keeps your systems running as fast as possible, it ensures that they have the latest system updates, are free from component errors, and is taking advantage of the most efficient system settings. Along with optimization ensuring your systems integrity is also an integral part of a systematic approach requiring less computer repair, and continued reliability with your business computers.

A simple way to ensure your system is less prone to viruses and malware programs is to remove the users default local administration access to the system. This helps to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained by requiring a user to log in with administrative access in order to install any programs. By limiting local administration access to the computer, you greatly limit the ability for a user to accidently install a virus or malware program.

Limited malware and optimized equipment means you now have an efficient and productive computer ready to perform the daily tasks you depend on it to perform. Running reliably is key to preventative care for your computer and will limit the damage done to your wallet when you do have to take your computer in for repair. If you add in daily backups, you now have a program that significantly limits your vulnerability to a catastrophic failure/event of your system.

See our next installment of Beyond Computer Repair as we will outline an effective computer optimization scheme for you to use so you can begin to avoid the costly computer repair bills.