Business Data Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Continuity

Think about how much time it will take to procure a new server, restore the backup file by file and then get access to the system by all your networked devices. If a file level backup solution is all that fits in your budget than you will find a way to deal with the resulting down time. But, if downtime isn’t an option and grinds your business to a screeching halt, business continuity planning is where your organization needs to be focusing on.

Today the most comprehensive data preservations plans include three core components: Daily Backups, a Disaster Recovery Plan, and a Contingency plan. What is your organizations response plan to a downed server? Hopefully it is simple, fire up the virtualized system on the hardware provided by the backup vendor, and get back to work until the new server arrives. Yes, there are solutions out there that make it that simple. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than the traditional systems but they allow for business continuity in the event of a server or network disaster. Your plan can, and should, also include a method to remotely start a visualized backup of this server in the cloud in case of a natural disaster, theft, or fire that destroys your business environment or networked systems.

Every business that depends heavily on their IT operations needs to ensure the least possible downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure. In order to do this they need to ensure that the backup solution(s) they have, or our going to buy, are capable of providing these three critical components of a comprehensive data continuity plan:

Daily Backups – can include both Servers and Desktops. Set at intervals you require, hourly, nightly, weekly, monthly

Disaster Recovery Planning – Offsite encrypted storage in the cloud, to ensure you don’t ever lose everything.

Contingency/Continuity – Ability to rapidly start, and use, a Server or PC that has been backed-up on the equipment provided locally and/or remotely in the cloud.

If you do not have this type of solution in place today, and this type of solution is something you are interested in for your firm, call or email us today. We will let you know what the best available solutions are on the market. If you wish to receive a no hassle custom built solution estimate we are happy to provide it.

Also, just as a side note to current Companybuilt clients, all installation and monitoring of these systems, if you decide to purchase one, would be currently covered under your proactive management services agreement.

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