How to configure Dynamics CRM 2011 to search across entities for inbound call routing

Microsoft Dynamics has a rich interface with a lot of options for customization.  The out-of-box configuration is ideal for most businesses, but lacks global search functionality.  In order to search across multiple entities you can purchase a solution from The Marketplace or develop your own solution.  Most of the documentation I’ve come across describes creating a custom entity which links to each of the other entities you would like to query.  While this is a solid option, it requires a lot of setup and if you want it to be easily configurable for a non-developer, you will have to build code for a GUI.  The other option is to purchase a solution from the Marketplace.  The solutions that are out there have implemented the custom entity method.  That means that you will have to click into that Custom Global Entity to be able to search.  This may slow down some users if they are working primarily out of Leads/Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities/Etc.., because they have to click into this entity to search from it.  I’m going to show you how to enhance the built-in Quick Search of an entity to look up records across your organization so your users don’t have to leave the entity they work out of.

Who is this for?

  • Organizations that start their business process from the Lead Entity
  • Businesses that have all users take inbound calls and need to locate the
    owner of a record to transfer the call


Customize Quick Find Functionality – LEAD ENTITY

Step 1. Navigate to Lead
Step 2. Click the Customize Tab on The Toolbar
Step 3. Click System Views to Open the Views of That Entity (Leads)
Step 4. Double Click “Quick Find All Leads”
Step 5. Click “Edit Filter Criteria: Under the ” Common Tasks” Pane on the Right
Step 6. Clear the Default Filter

When you qualify a lead, it creates an Account/Contact/Opportunity.  Each of the entities references the originating lead.  Since the lead is never actually removed/deleted from Leads it is possible to search through the organization to find out basic information, like; Owner, Name, Phone, etc.  When a user takes a phone call and needs to find out who owns the record in order to transfer the call to the appropriate agent/user, they can now use the Lead Quick Find search bar to lookup a client even if they are no longer in leads.  This simple change opens the ability to query ALL leads regardless of status.

Step 7. Click “Save and Close”
Step 8. Publish All Customizations


Now you can use Leads search box to lookup customers even if they have been converted and determine owner, contact info or anything else you want to see.   This provided a solution for businesses that have their users take inbound calls and need the ability to lookup who owns the record so they know where to transfer the call.  You can tweak the Quick Find in each of the entities to not only change the Filter Criteria, but also update which fields in the entity are queried.  Since you can reference lookup fields in the find filter, you can effectively search across the organization in cases where a relationship has been established with an entity.  Since the out-of-box configuration builds the relationship for qualifying leads, you can effectively search across the org from leads or backwards from opportunities.

Thymio Barbatsis
Solution Architect | Company Built, Inc.

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